Practicality of Some Variations of Ranked Set Sampling


  • Monjed H. Samuh Assistant Professor of Statistics
  • M. Hafidz Omar
  • M. Pear Hossain



Judgement ranking in ranked set sampling (RSS) and its variations depends on the ability of an observer to rank a set of objects according to the study variable without doing any actual measurement. In practice, and in some variations of RSS, it is hard to assign these ranks. In this paper, we discuss the practicality of ranking some extensions of RSS such as median RSS, double median RSS, and double RSS. The Hellinger distance is used as a measure of practicality. Although double median RSS is the most efficient approach among the RSS variations considered, it is shown in this paper that it is the least practical.




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Samuh, M. H., Omar, M. H., & Hossain, M. P. (2020). Practicality of Some Variations of Ranked Set Sampling. Austrian Journal of Statistics, 49(1), 60–66.