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The Austrian Journal of Statistics is an open-access journal with a long history and is published approximately quarterly by the Austrian Statistical Society. Its general objective is to promote and extend the use of statistical methods in all kind of theoretical and applied disciplines. Special emphasis is on methods and results in official statistics.


Original papers and review articles in English or in German will be published in the Austrian Journal of Statistics if judged consistently with these general aims. All papers will be refereed. Special topics sections will appear from time to time. Each section will have as a theme a specialized area of statistical application, theory, or methodology. Technical notes or problems for considerations under Shorter Communications are also invited. A special section is reserved for book reviews.


Members of the Austrian Statistical Society receive a copy of the Journal free of charge. To apply for a membership, see the website of the Society. Articles will also be made available through the web.


The current estimated impact factor (via Publish or Perish) is 0.775, see HERE, or even more indices HERE.

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Vol 43 (2), Vol 43 (3-4) published


Volume 43 (2, 3+4) are published and available at

Surprise: please note that Vol 2 contains an interesting interview with a well-known personality - worth to read!


Members of the Austrian Society get a free hard copy by mail during the next week.


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Posted: 2014-07-29
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Vol 43, No 4 (2014)

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Table of Contents


Power-Law Random Graphs’ Robustness: Link Saving and Forest Fire Model PDF
Marina Leri, Yury Pavlov 229-236
A Few Remarks on Robust Estimation of Power Spectra PDF
Georgy Shevlyakov, Nickolay Lyubomishchenko, Pavel Smirnov 237-245
Providing Data With High Utility And No Disclosure Risk For The Public and Researchers: An Evaluation By Advanced Statistical Disclosure Risk Methods PDF
Matthias Templ 247-254
Software Tools for Robust Analysis of High-Dimensional Data PDF
Valentin Todorov, Peter Filzmoser 255-266
Estimation of Time Series Models via Robust Wavelet Variance PDF
Stephane Guerrier, Roberto Molinari, Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser 267-277
On the Exact Two-Sided Tolerance Intervals for Univariate Normal Distribution and Linear Regression PDF
Viktor Witkovsky 279-292

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